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Frequently Asked Questions
1. Why the fee is very high?
We have the uncompromised quality delivery with the manpower utilization of 10-15 members for a single paper with the involvement of five huge departments. Each of these departments will have anindividual quality reviewing which further includes more man power. Involvements of large number of manpower strive for the quality of single product requires reasonable charging as we do.
2. How to get assistance from distant places?
We are the indelible established R&D firm with decades of experience. We have our stable active numbers and email ids of our CRM department which is always for your assistance with the strengthened aid of video discussions, telephonic conversations and retrieval of discussions with remote software (team viewer/Anydesk). We always have a communication in mailing that stating your status and rectifying your queries thereby having constant touch with the clients.
3. How many papers you have published and under which publisher?
We are making submission and we have achieved a good target of 1000+ acceptances in well renowned publishers like IEEE, Elsevier, Taylor and Francis, Springer, World scientific, inderscience, Wiley and many more.
4. What is the assured duration for acceptance?
Acceptance takes reasonable duration as it completely depends on quality manuscript construction as per journal standards and also the duration depends on journals and it publishers. Our expertised journal acquiescencers shrink this duration gap by utilizing this well prepared journals and make continuous submission and constant watching on the submission to improve the acceptance probability which is achieved by variety of stages starting from contemporary and neoteric innovation to the regulated manuscript narration. Our experienced journal acquiescencersalways make most opting journal selection, constant monitoring over submitted journals and continuous submission in the pool of selected journalsinorder to boost the acceptance speed.
5. How long it take to complete the work?
It varies depending on the type of the product and any work on urgent basis will be completed with high quality with more manpower in reasonable days.
6. What are your assurance methods that you will do my work after registration?
We are the stable organization with an active CRM department and we are making payment strategy in different modes. You will be making the final payment only after confirming your finished product.
7. Can I get the paper for 60k?
Research analysis and development is knowledge powered as this showcase the research attitude of the individual. We are providing qualitative servicing with the involvement of large number of resource utilization and this makes the justification for our reasonable billing.
8. I’m receiving so many calls of PhD assistance. How can I trust you?
We are stable organization with confined services and experienced professionals which can be an evident right from your first collaboration with our Panacorp.
9. Why panacorp and what is the benefit?
Panacorp is the right place to boost up your research with unique innovative techniques followed by client confidentiality,remarkable QoS. We made this credibility only by genuine servicing through highest number of highly skilled manpower support for single paper.

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