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  The common goal of research ultimately is to achieve technological ascendancy, improve productivity and competitiveness. Consulting research requirements with us can impact in the following ways:
Enhance capability in key competitive areas or cutting edge technologies.
Partner with experts to increase innovation.
Increase the ability to focus on core competencies.
Speed time to materialize.
We look forward to form a mutually rewarding relationship with you.
Core Services

Science & Engineering Research

Pana Corp is a private & self-perpetuating society of distinguished scholars engaged in Scientific and Engineering research. We possess a group of intellectuals who are experts in provide computerised assist in various Science and Engineering domains such as, Computer Science, Artificial Intelligence, Biometrics, Power System, Mobile Computing,Embedded System, VLSI, Physical Science, Biological Science, Mathematical Science and more. Our experts include immensely experienced Researchers, Programmers, Mathematicians & technical writers to foster and provide computerised assist for innovative ideas and concepts, implement the fostered ideas and concepts, and assist crafting mathematical models & documentation respectively.

Management Research

Research in Management domain globally shapes management practices by creating new frontiers and developing ethical, dependable, entrepreneurial, and socially sensitive leadership managers who are committed to excellence, and adopts superior public policies. It seeks to do this by producing risk-taking leader-managers who can pioneer new managerial practices and set new standards; by producing teachers and researchers who will generate new ideas of International significance. The key objective is to internationally promote competitive research to investigate the operation and development of management and economics in which they operate. We possess a group of professionals who are experts in various Management and related domains such as Human Resource, Banking & Finance, Marketing, International Business, E-Business, Economics and more.

Industrial R & D

From industrial calibration and the custom design of new products, to natural product extraction and the assessment of green energy solutions, which specializes in real life innovations, heavily focused on developing solutions, Pana Corp offers world-leading services to industries and government across a wide range of science and engineering disciplines. The key goal is to create groundbreaking applications and platforms that would help businesses and industries thrive. We have the expertise of ASD (Analytical services division), which works as a support for regulatory authorities as well as the consumers and the methods adopted are of International standards. The main objective of ASD is to provide the most efficient cost effective approach to problem solving in the concerned areas. Our research efforts focus on model-driven technologies for the delivery of high-quality, industrial-strength business solutions, throughout their lifecycle, in a globally distributed fashion.
Pana Corp has a balanced research portfolio covering several technical domains which are,

Computerised Assistance For

Guidance in the selection of University
Computerised Assistance in getting Guidance-Acceptance from a Recognized Supervisor
Computerised Assistance for Domain, Area and Topic finalization
Computerised Assistance for Identifying catchy research problems with significance to the Real-world
Computerised Assistance for Proposing solutions for the Identified problems
Documentation of Research proposals
Assistance for Implementation and Analysis of the solution
Documentation of the finalized solution on par with International Standards
Clear and Concise Language Polishing with Native speaker
Applying for Publication in Reputed International Journals/Conferences
Plagiarism-free Thesis/Dissertation Writing

Engineering & Technology

Computer Science
Information Technology
Artificial Intelligence
Soft Computing
Evolutionary Computing
Knowledge Engineering
Data Warehousing
Web Mining
Software Engineering
Grid Computing
Cluster Computing
Parallel, Distributed Systems
Networking & Communication
Wireless Networks
Wireless Sensor Networks
Mobile Computing
Security & Privacy
Pattern Recognition
Computer Vision
Image Processing


Human Resource Management
Marketing Management
Information Systems Management
International Business
Operations Management
Banking & Finance

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