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Our team
  Our team is professionally qualified and dedicated staff comes from a wide variety of background. We are rich with enthusiastic, energetic, quality team with diverse talent and character who build their strength on values by focusing hardwork and integrity.
pana corp software solutions roles CRM

The most important team who holds their vitality by making a constant communication with our client is always there for your convincing service.

pana corp software solutions roles PRODUCTION

The heart of our organization holds experts with following criteria

  • Researchers
  • Domain Experts
  • Research Programmers
  • Reviewers
pana corp software solutions researchers Researchers

Computerised Assist to Nurture new concepts and ideas in the specified domains based on subjective experiences or their study or assumptions and also assist in designing the content or in the form of a questionnaire.

pana corp software solutions experts Domain Experts

Provide suggestion and assistance with special knowledge and skills in a particular area of endeavor.

pana corp software solutions research programmers Research Programmers

Perform implementation of solutions using MATLAB, Lab VIEW, NS2, Java, C++ and other research tools.

pana corp software solutions reviews Reviewers

Assist in synthesis of research on a topic by investigating popular articles, reviews, manuscripts, and more.

  • Technical Writers
  • Statistical Analyst
  • Mathematicians
  • Technical Readers
pana corp software solutions on-field surveyors Technical Writers

Not everyone has the skill of beautifying their thoughts of innovation. We have a technically wise bunch of people who would flourish the document with the innovation and problem justification and essential requisities.

pana corp software solutions statistical analyst Statistical Analyst

Assist in programming activities (analysis datasets, pooled datasets, listings, tables and more) using well suited software and finally interpreting the statistical output and formulating conclusions.

pana corp software solutions mathematicians Mathematicians

An executable logic formulation for the work is crafted by our expert formula designers.

pana corp software solutions technical readers Technical Readers

Concept reading to make the domain wise stuff for quality production happens by vast reference. We have our technically bold readers for concept finalization.

pana corp software solutions roles Tuners

The prerequisities of any journal is the lowest plagiarism reported document with standardized English narration. Here we are with experts who make a complete revision by preventing the technical sound to achieve the listed prerequisities.

pana corp software solutions roles Journal Acquiescencers

Journal submission in exact required journals are made by our expertize submitters who make an acceptable appearance stated by the needs of the concerned journals.

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