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  Dilemma on selection of research domain? Too late in research completion due to too little time? Stuck on any step of your research journey? Urge in boosting your research speed? You are in a right place to place a milestone in your academic career…. We have a big collection of services pointing different types of product… Have a look at our following services to enhance your research aptitude…
  A protocol to make the research can be summarized in the gist of your plan line and we term this integral research part as initial synopsis. This holds a panaromic view of the research with persuading introduction, evident literatures, concise objectives and possible scope.
  A concise and coherent summary of proposed research is impacted in the proposal which is designed by our technical expert. Since it is the aptitude demonstration of scholar’s research knowledge we make it technically wise by scope and context filled well governed introduction on problem residing predominant discipline followed by persuasive literatures. We make a success structure by crispy relevant problem statement and fine innovative solution only by which the described problem can be solved.
  All domains are not possible for the implementation in the same developing tools. And also same domain needs not to get implemented in same tools. Tools are many, interpretations are huge. We have our professionals with skilled hands on tools like like NS2,NS3, Matlab/Simulink,Java,gem5,python,R,Xilinx,IED3,Hspice and so on. Our experts are well experienced in handling windows/other open source operating system. We have knowledge of our expert in installation, coding and debugging.
Construction of manuscript
  A structured narration with objective and correlation of problem statement with solution is presented in the research narration with pleasant charts, justifiable equations and meaningful statements. This narration is based on the proposal and is with limited plagiarism to acceptable level.
  Inadequate time for collecting and briefing of article ideas has been the dilemma for researches. We assist you to do reviews or surveys or analysis with our experts by organizing the knowledge gathered from more than fifty papers.
Thesis writing
  A flow brimmed, well narrated, plagiarism limited thesis which act as a mirror for the research publications is provided to our clients based on their manuscripts. The thesis will have an innovative and genuine style of writing with more unique illustrations.
Gear up acceptance
  A well-structured, innovative manuscript should make its way for faster acceptance by finding its exact journal to be applied. We have our experts to shortlist enacting journal list in respective domain and thereby making a continuous submission till the attainability of acceptance reaches. We have our team who make daily follow-ups for updating the review comments and resubmitting till acceptance. Our experts have a high experiences on shortlisting appropriate journals and we have achieved an average of 1000 IEEE/SCI acceptances.

Pana Corp acclimatizes itself to achieve,

Maximize throughput.
Improve customer satisfaction in Quality.
Significantly reduce overall turnaround time for claims processing.
Improved accuracy in handling claims.
Use of customized software for data Conversion
Quality and experienced manpower.

To achieve our strategy focuses on the following key growth activities:

Qualified and experienced human resources.
Wide range of Sophisticated Instrumentation.
Precise, Accurate and Prompt results.

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